Why I Love Vinyl

Vinyl is my second way to listen to music (My favourite way is to listen to it live) Here are some of the reasons why I adore my vinyl collection. 1. They are beautiful Probably the most ridiculous reason for me to love my little stash of vinyl, but I just find it so attractive. I love... Continue Reading →

Our YouTube Channel

I have spent all morning giving the YouTube channel a refresh! You can go and check it out Here! So far on the channel you will see lots of book videos, as the channel used to be a dedicated book channel, but now I want it to become a channel of many talents including thrift hauls, makeup videos,... Continue Reading →

An open letter to my anxiety…

Hi, We need to break up. I've known you for years. You've been with me for far too long. You're a bad influence on me. You make me forget to breath, You make me terrified of nothing in particular, You make me unable to get out of bed sometimes, You make me think everyone is... Continue Reading →

Book Chat #1.5 – Bridget Jones’s Diary

Book Chat #1.5 Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding Rating: 10/10 Spoiler Free Synopsis: The book follows the protagonist Bridget, who obsesses over her weight, men, alcohol and cigarettes. We see Bridget try and find the perfect man, whilst trying to avoid awkward questions about her love life at every family gathering. The novel is set out... Continue Reading →

10 Facts About Me

I decided to do a bit more of a fun Blogpost today, 10 Facts About Me! 1. I love to read books! Fiction, Sci-fi, Classics, I love everything and anything, I also have a crazy book collection. 2. My favourite season is Autumn. 3. I've been writing since I was a kid, it started out with... Continue Reading →

Book Chat #1

Book Chat is a new series to Floribunda Magazine, which will be a series of reviews and discussions that will happen once a month (Dates to be released soon) I thought I would use the First Edition of Book Chats to give you a few facts about me as a reader! 1. I am a book hoarder!... Continue Reading →

Issue Two Theme

The theme for Issue Two of Floribunda Magazine is... WINTER! If you'd like to submit something for Issue Two, please email your submissions to floribundamagazine@gmail.com before the 4th June! If you are submitting a writing piece, please keep it below 1,500 words and if you are submitting a visual piece (photography/art) please keep it below... Continue Reading →

Lying down for the father

Lying Down For The Father When I was a child, my dad, a sculptor, was determined to carve me into the respectable child he always wanted. Each command fell on my skin like the chisel: sit up straight, have some respect, walk like you own the world. “Also” He added one night after a few... Continue Reading →

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