My Favourite Things About Winter


Winter is definitely my favourite month, and as there are many people who disagree, I have decided to compile a list of the reasons why I love winter!

1. Being able to get nice and snuggly

Is there any better feeling than putting on some soft warm clothes, getting under a quilt and sitting next to the heater? Not in my opinion!

2. The endless cups of tea and coffee
Is there any better time to drink cups and cups of tea and coffee than winter?! Not only is it a good way to stay awake, it’s also an amazing way to stay warm.

3. Rain pattering on the window and/or the crackle of a fire
There are two sounds that I associate with winter and they are the sound of pattering rain and the sound of a crackling log fire. Mmm, super cosy!

4. The best food…
Winter means the best food! Soups, boiled vegetables, gravy, mash potato and hot apple pie to name a few, Mmm!


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