Why I Love Vinyl


Vinyl is my second way to listen to music (My favourite way is to listen to it live)

Here are some of the reasons why I adore my vinyl collection.

1. They are beautiful
Probably the most ridiculous reason for me to love my little stash of vinyl, but I just find it so attractive. I love the art on the covers and the different colours of vinyl.

2. Vinyl feels sacred.
Most of my vinyl has been collected from various thrift shops and markets, so every time I find a record I like, it’s incredibly satisfactory.
It’s such a great feeling to hold music in a physical form.

3. The sound.
It might sound like a cliched rumour, but vinyl really does sound better. Especially the fantastic crinkly white noise that occupies the room before any music starts playing.

4. I’m sure this list could go on forever
But I am going to leave this quick list of reasons here.

If you don’t own any vinyl, I can highly recommend you start collecting some! (And a record player to listen to it on, obviously..)
I have a gorgeous turquoise Crosley turntable that I have had for about 5 years and I still adore, they can be found here and I can personally highly recommend it!

Hope you’re having a nice day and I’ll see you soon! 


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